Barack Obama’s PR team have started a pretty cool viral campaign that both promotes Obama’s presidential campaign and raises money from his supporters. Logobama lets you customise the colours of his campaign logo and add a picture of yourself in the centre. Naturally, I created my own. Looks pretty good don’t you think? Maybe I should run for President!

I think embracing new media and technologies is a very clever move for a candidate whose campaign is based around change. Also the viral campaign seems to have been started as a reaction to Obama’s supporters already using his logo online to support him. I also like how all of the user generated logo’s are uploaded to Flickr after they’ve been approved. I imagine inappropiate images could be quite detrimental to the campaign so approving them first is quite a wise step.

The only negatives of the campaign that I can see is that it is not targetted terrifically well. I created a logo and I’m not an American voter. However I imagine many of the people who did create logo’s are Americans. Although not all of them may be registered to vote as some of the images feature children who are too young to vote.

Also the campaign has only raised $520 so far from 18 people, which isn’t much considering more than 4000 people have created logos using the website. I think the website itself may have cost more than that to create, unless of course it was created for free by a supporter’s web design company. That said, the campaign has still reached more than 4000 people who will probably reach even more by featuring the logo on their blogs, facebook profiles, flickr accounts, msn messenger profiles, websites or whatever.

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Matthew Watson works as a senior account executive in the technology practice of Speed Communications. You can follow him on Twitter here: @mpwatson.